Our employee research spans 所有 aspects of the employee experience – employee engagement, 团队的有效性, 领导, and organizational culture – to help you better understand your people and drive positive business outcomes. 我们帮助组织:



We build strategic employee listening programs that combine the right methodologies with validated content and agile technology.



More than data, dashboards and reports – we deliver integrative analytics and insights for action.


Our dynamic design-thinking strategies empower leaders, managers and HR to drive positive change.

Employees know what is important to their futures – are employers listening?


In today’s increasingly dynamic work environment, organizations must effectively source and leverage people insights in order to attract and retain talent. Listening to how employees feel at work is key to understanding, 测量, 改善员工体验.


根据bob手机版网页的 2021年全球人才趋势研究, five aspects of the employee experience that have changed the most due to the pandemic include how to work flexibly, 管理/指导我们不是每天都能见到的员工, 板载, work and collaborate in distributed or virtual networks, 和雇佣.


Gaining actionable insights – at the right time – is the key to building a stronger workforce. 

Listen to your employees to create a stronger 和更多的 inclusive culture.


观看视频: Learn how an employee listening strategy can help your organization on it's diversity, 股本, 和包容的旅程.



我们的专家有工具, 深入了解, and experience to evolve your employee listening strategy and programs. Combining over fifty years of employee experience research with the latest in the science of employee engagement and change management, our experts help deliver strategic listening programs that enhance the employee experience and drive organizational performance.


We offer advisory capabilities and technologies that span 所有 aspects of the employee experience, 包括员工敬业度, 团队的有效性, 领导, 和文化.


Our global reach includes 130 countries, 80 languages, and local consultants.


Learn how bob手机版网页 can help you develop an effective employee listening strategy, 员工敬业度调查, 和更多的.



用量身定制的解决方案捕捉人们的洞察力 — from annual census or pulse surveys to continuous listening, 数字焦点小组和偏好研究.

  • 数字焦点小组

    Crowdsource insights from your people on a wide range of topics through scalable, 开放互动的对话.

  • 员工调查

    From enterprise employee engagement programs to targeted pulse surveys, 我们的解决方案可以满足您的需求.

  • 连续听

    Tap into the employee experience with ad hoc surveys, 你每年的人口普查, 反复出现的脉冲, and listening programs for “Moments That Matter” — 所有 optimized for fully managed and self-service platforms.

  • 偏好研究

    Understand what your people value — their preferences, priorities and expectations — to sharpen and personalize the employee value proposition.

  • 360度反馈

    Experience effortless deployment powered by deep expertise. Actionable insights highlight the way forward for individual and group development.


EX 的见解咨询和成功服务

bob手机版网页’s advisory services meet you where you are on your employee listening journey. Whether you’re running an annual employee engagement program, exploring new listening methods or trying to make sense of reams of data from continuous listening systems, 默瑟有专业知识指导你.

  • EX和战略设计项目

    进化你的倾听策略, and build your future with collaborative discovery and design programs.

  • 部署服务

    Get the insights you need from targeted, event-based polls, ongoing listening, and recurring surveys. We provide the support to target and address critical action items.

  • 数据整合、利用和分析

    集成, analyze and draw insight from quantitative and qualitative data compiled from employee feedback, 人力资源信息系统, 业务度量以及更多.

  • 设计变更和行动计划

    Leverage design-thinking principles to define and build solutions for your people priorities.


Stay informed with our insights on the latest news and research around employee experience.

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